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I resolve the disruption in the products and services landscape with how brands and consumers interact with each other, and I never tire of engineering new ways for my clients to capture greater market share and to protect their brand against the onslaught of competitors.

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A 360o strategy, turned into an endless ecosystem of unique experiences, from the image of the store, POS promotions, GTO (Go to Market strategy), to social networks, guerrilla POP materials and other strategies outside the box

In One Siragon

How an alliance between a drink like Pepsi and one of the best-known tourism portals in Latin America could become not only a spectacular Promo Experience, but also one of the coolest content tools.

Day Pepsi

An alliance that managed to meet objectives of Awareness, traffic and brand experience, using a very small budget. An activity with a high emotional impact and immediate decision making at POS.


Launch of a new brand of intelligent Wellness watches, to a market full of needs in this complex market. The emotional communication strategy, Go to Market strategies and communication technology in POS, set the tone for the launch of the brand.


A wonderful challenge, to create an ecosystem strategy, capable of generating traffic to the brand’s restaurants, using strategic alliances, promotions, valuable content and of course a concept connected with consumers and most importantly, focused on the 1% of the market that makes real decisions.


The challenge is to convert all BK stores into living stores by developing augmented reality, intelligent QR code and Virtual Reality strategies.  All strategies unified in a single ecosystem, where people would never stop benefiting from participating in this experience.


Another strategy of experiences with infinite ecosystems and unique value-added partnerships. The strategies to Buick, allowed to generate travel experiences, BBQ courses, virtual driving for the car dealers, with a single objective, to generate an impeccable database, to generate test drives and closing sales.


One of the most important large-format stores in Mexico, focused on supporting a low profile target, offering weekly or monthly payment systems in the purchases made, requested to get an added value to their customers, through the brands they handled. This strategy ended up being a strategy of social responsibility, with an appliance brand “Taurus”. This strategy invited all the people to bring their blenders and change them for new ones. The change not only included a discount, but also participation in special promotions, content on social networks, among others.


Flor de Caña, Guatemala’s most important rum, decided to re-launch its brand in the Latin American market, through a 360o campaign. The strategy was based on a very emotional, current concept and on rescuing its traditions, in order to focus on a new target, the target of new generations.

Flor de

How to make a new brand launch, a 360o experience activation? All strategies were converted into an ecosystem of connectivity, allowing all consumers to always stay in touch with the brand in one way or another, participating, listening, testing the product, redirecting them to the networks to participate in other experiences, among others.


A phantom client, with a clear objective, to help all migrants become aware when considering crossing a border like the United States, reminding them of the family values they leave behind on their journey. An out-of-the-box strategy like no other, based on guerrilla activations, digital connectivity, special content, and traveling events in key cities.


A brand with a highly recognized icon in the world market, but with a serious problem, the loss of identity in its main icon, with the new generations of customers. The objective, to re-position the brand and the icon in the most efficient way possible.  The strategy was focused, on POS, content, and promotion at a national level.


Release of the new product line to the Latino American market, based on a 360o campaign. This strategy focused mostly on Go to Market, and PDV and Media.


Strategic campaign for the launch of the new blender “Potenza”, with the main objective of creating new sales channels, expanding the target, and different reasons for use.


The opening of one of the most important large-format technology stores in Latin America, I need more than an image strategy. This plan involved, image development, name, campaign, industrial design, PR, Go to Market strategies, BTL among others.


Expo Guanajuato is one of the most important events in Central and Latin America in terms of agriculture. During 4 days, all brands dedicated to the world of agriculture, meet in this expo. This expo, in terms of standing out from the competition, represents a great challenge. Berger needed to create a strategy that will help him not only to stand out from his competition but also to take advantage of all the areas of opportunity of the event so that no opportunity is wasted. Strategies for: Before-During-after the event, media re-engineering, booth traffic, PR, digital, and new customer strategies, among others.


Working with this project was not only fun but delicious. Creating the Crispy Kreme happy meal box, not only was the design of this one involved. The client was advised to base their designs on a strategic alliance with Nickelodeon, this allowed for a lot of design material, point of sale strategies, games, gifts, and experience strategies for both brands, having considerable implementation savings and great reach to very wide targets.


Re-design of the Momoto´s coffee packaging, one of the most relevant organic coffee brands in Mexico. These packages, aimed to maintain the spirit of the brand intact, refreshing it for point of sale


Again, we filled our hands with candy with Krispy Kreme, to create a very punctual strategy. To generate traffic to new store openings in Mexico City. These strategies required very special thinking and guerrilla marketing was its main protagonist: scratch and smell poster in the middle of the street, with awarded QR code, Golden free donuts, social networks , among others.


Momoto coffee has created an exclusive coffee at one of the most relevant car influencers in the United States, to expand its business areas.


One of our first projects in the crypto-currency world.  We not only took care of the development of the coin, but also the creation and launch of the campaign that would be used in the market, a very complicated market due to its characteristics, a market that still does not have very clear bases to promote a crypto coin brand, a market with very different media from the traditional ones and also very complicated regulations. At the end, we again broke the patterns and went out of the box.


Social networking today has become a very basic and everyday task, losing the true spirit that this entails, connecting people with brands. This strategy was based on creating a new re-connection with the current customers of the database, with a concept and special promotions full of values.


Release of the new social networks brand “Pronto”, which included: 4 different social networks, ecosystems, traffic/registration strategies, promotions, special content, among others